Kidstudio - History
Sped into the future by contemporary attitudes, supported by seventeen years of successes.
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By mere chance, Kidstudio’s founders Marco Innocenti and Luca Parenti are both born on January, 9 days one from the other. Marco is first born in Italy on January first, in Florence, while Luca sees the light on day 10, in his Montecatini Alto.


After various training courses and a last-days-of-youth trip to Los Angeles, Kidstudio is founded. It deals mainly in communication and graphic design for Teatro Puccini, the Tuscan temple of satirical and contamination shows directed by cartoonist Sergio Staino.


After the first few years of playing between theatrical performances and the first approaches to the web, the actual setting of Kidstudio is born. Besides the founding members come a number of employees with different cultural backgrounds and training.


The Studio helps developing the corporate identity of Florentia Viola, a Football Club born from the ashes of AC Fiorentina, Florence’s historical team. It is a successful year of exclusive parties and big names in Italian industry.


Over 20 theatrical structures that refer to a metropolitan area gather in coordination. A networked system, the first in Italy, able to guarantee a greater rationalization of resources and a mutual exchange of benefits. Kidstudio’s logo, the corporate design and the iconic six-seats sofa of PassTeatri become an archetype of theaters’ communication.


Kidstudio wins the commission to redraw the image of the City of Fiesole for both tourism and museum channels.


It is the year of Fi-Esta, the huge summer event organized by the City of Florence. Singer Piero Pelù of cult band Litfiba is assigned the artistic direction. Kidstudio cares the communication in all media, and the organization and image of events in the wonderful frame of the Forte Belvedere for the Consorzio del Vino Chianti Classico.


The Studio works on the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Florence as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, realizing a prestigious box in collaboration with the Italian Post Office. On the same days begins the intensive cooperation with the city of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy’s most prestigious ski resort, part of the Best of the Alps Award Consortium. For Cortina, Kidstudio makes editorial design, corporate image and tourism branding.


Italian President Giorgio Napolitano is gifted with the volume La Nazione 150 Anni. Created by Kidstudio, it celebrates the birth of the oldest Italian newspaper, founded before the unification of Italy, through the reconstruction of world’s history via the most important headlines and pages.


Kidstudio collaborates with Oscar winner Roberto Benigni in a communication project for performances related to Dante’s Divine Comedy. The shows, which have been around the world and back, will then be broadcast by RAI in prime time. In the same period, a new collaboration is born with Nobel laureate Dario Fo, around theatrical monologues about Michelangelo and Giotto.


In the historic center of Florence, in Piazza del Carmine, the Studio celebrates, during the Notte Bianca, its tenth birthday. At the party, personalities and representatives of many Tuscan and Italian production realities enjoy a night of food and design.


Marco Innocenti and Luca Parenti are called to teach at IED (European Institute of Design). Marco is professor in Typography, Publishing and Design in the Master in Graphic Design, while Luca deals with Graphics for the Communication and Presentation Techniques in specialized courses.


An important brand identity is commissioned to the Studio: ORT – Orchestra della Toscana. After months of hard work, the corporate coats the walls of the main Italian cities and international airports with the iconic Flock of Birds, metaphor of music as a collaborative flight towards a better place. In October, Marco Innocenti wins the international competition for Interactive Fiction, the XVIII IFComp, with the text game Andromeda Apocalypse, which supernatural sci-fi setting will serve as foundation for a set of other works around the globe.


Important collaborations with Italian and foreign companies begin. Fedrigoni Fashion Partner is born, a sublime packaging for the largest Italian paper maker, designed to promote special papers for the fashion world.


Following the success as teachers, Marco Innocenti and Luca Parenti become correlators for the thesis in Advertising at IED. Luca is in charge of coordinating postgraduate courses in fashion for the Florentine headquarters. Luca Parenti publishes a manual on Textile Culture, soon taken as reference guide for fashion courses all around Italy.


Kidstudio works for clients all around the world, from Beverly Hills to Geneva, creating exclusive corporate identities and packaging in collaboration with top photographers and illustrators. The same projects start appearing in books and collections about graphic design by renowned publisher. The glamorous packaging design done for Chicago-based firm Re/Labld travels the world as it is included in the “best three packaging design of the year” along products by Nike and Kellogg’s.


A cross-over between fashion and graphics, the year sees the birth of nice new collaborations between Kidstudio and new, elegant brands. Heritage and minimalism are keywords for Brunos™: the storytelling is around the recreation of the Seventies era. The Bottega Beer project has been featured in Pulp Magazine™ #08. A new market opens for the studio in the Middle East.