Kidstudio - Amelia Restaurant
A design studio in Florence, Italy. Florentine to the bone, fostered in an environment rich in arts and crafts, history and culture. Now a leading light in the crowded world of graphics and creativity.
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About This Project

Amelia Restaurant

Amelia is a restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain. It’s core essence is that of giving a lot, to the customer, without screaming in her or his face. High-end cousine is like this: a lot boils under the surface and some, the innermost soul, simply just doesn’t appear until you taste it, and understand it. In our tradition of rendering the essence of a brand that is more a person than a business model, we worked alongside Chef Paulo Airaudo and gave birth to another unique… tasty experience. One that is never seen as a whole but must be experienced more than once, a bite at a time.
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