Kidstudio - La Bottega Olive Oil and Beer
A design studio in Florence, Italy. Florentine to the bone, fostered in an environment rich in arts and crafts, history and culture. Now a leading light in the crowded world of graphics and creativity.
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About This Project


Beer has taken on a new life.
The craft product par excellence, it has now become another of the countless jewels of Italian style. Made by a countryside, esquisite Master Brewer in Tuscany, the beer from Le Selezioni de La Bottega can now be found and tasted at the renowed restaurants, in exclusive. Two flavours, the archetypical Blonde (Bionda) and Blanche (Weiss/Bianca), with the design that made La Bottega world famous.
This time, with a guest: the Chimera of Arezzo, one of the great masterpieces of pre-Roman Tuscany.
An ancient beast, surveying and representing the eternal grace of our land.


Olive oil is the perfect representative of an entire culture. In Italy, oil can change from region to region, from town to town and from hill to hill. There is no thing like an “Italian oil”, as every farmer produces his own and does it in a peculiar, recognizable way. The one from Le Selezioni de La Bottega is among the most intense and flavourful Tuscan oils. Tasted and chosen directly by Michelin-starred Chefs Gasbarro and Airaudo, it needed the same care as any other part of La Bottega affair. Sold in elegant and minimalistic tubes, it can be bought exclusively at the Restaurants and is used on daily basis as dressing or as tasting device.

| Original illustrations by Stefania Pelliccia
| Photos ©

Packaging, Typography