Kidstudio - La Nazione 150 years anniversary book
A design studio in Florence, Italy. Florentine to the bone, fostered in an environment rich in arts and crafts, history and culture. Now a leading light in the crowded world of graphics and creativity.
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About This Project

150 years through History

A book to commemorate — and serve as memory unabridged — 150 years through the pages of the oldest and continuing newspaper in Italy. 360 pages of clippings and evocative pictures of the eras, to revive what occurred, how humanity moved forward, and what could occur again nowadays. The events, the Wars, the Characters who made History and shaped the world as we know it.
The project aimed at representing each half-a-century with a style based on the graphics of the time, along with a meticulous research on iconography and pictures. A serigraphed cover, contained in a black box, uncovered reveals a set of original illustrations made from scratches of drawings, signatures and historical images. A Memento Mori which has been also a crucial reminder for the living.

Packaging, Publishing