Kidstudio - Manusa
A design studio in Florence, Italy. Florentine to the bone, fostered in an environment rich in arts and crafts, history and culture. Now a leading light in the crowded world of graphics and creativity.
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About This Project

Manusa comes from the desire to give new life to disused clothing and from the idea of developing and enhancing the craft skills of people excluded from the labor market. Manusa is the honest quality of the products as a result of the union between design and ethics.

Manusa products are not only beautiful and unique but also ethically sustainable. Manusa directly involves in the production vulnerable people, fostering growth paths that enhance personal resources and develop the rediscovery of their creative abilities.

The graphics for the branding could not have been different: honest, straight, sustainable. | Photos ©

Branding, Packaging, Webdesign