Kidstudio - Pisa Book Festival
A design studio in Florence, Italy. Florentine to the bone, fostered in an environment rich in arts and crafts, history and culture. Now a leading light in the crowded world of graphics and creativity.
graphic, design, florence, firenze, studio, grafico
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About This Project

The PISA BOOK FESTIVAL is an exhibition-marketplace for independent Publishers, one of the last remaining venues in Italy where the ones who freed themselves from the oppression of Big-Marketed Consumption can find a voice and be themselves. Thanks to the participation of great Italian narrators and novelists, and with the complicity of more than one hundred publishers, the PBF is growing every year bigger and every year more strong.

We were asked by the Organization to find a way to communicate these uniquenesses with a STRONG, VIBRANT attitude and to do so in a fashionable, MEMORABLE way. We designed the new PBF Corporate with those precepts in mind and came up with a striking, forceful SCREAM, a graffiti for this new era. A strong typography, two briliant colors, and a tree floating on the sea: a symbol of both REBELLION and SURVIVAL.

Branding, Typography