A Matter of Àccents

Argentina and Italy couple and mix their languages. Sometimes, to change the accent of a wine… you just change one accent. Or turn an old word into something new.

  • Label Design
  • Packaging

The Project

The Piedmontese winery Eugenio Bocchino selects for the Italo-Argentine chef Paulo Airaudo, exclusively, three brilliant and eccentric wines: the Epitesi. The craggy flavor and the scent of the Cuneo area are grafted into each other, giving life to a new language.

The transformation of a word with the addition of a detail: in this way our creatures come together to form something that – never seen before – creates tradition like little else.

The illustration, created specifically for these labels and which puts the accent (or the change of ending, as per the denomination) on the fusion of two compatible cultures, is grafted into an essential and modern typography.