An Appointment with Arts and Crafts

The Re/Labld press-kit has been designed to enhance the feeling of Immortal Fashion. In three words: the Real Italian Design, built piece by piece with the best materials and in the quintessential elegance of world-famous handcraft skills.

  • Art Direction
  • Editorial Design
  • Packaging

The Project

Re/Labld is a venture in Chicago (IL) which reinvented luxury fashion exchange. A place that offers the possibility of sharing unique pieces of fashion, with an in-house delivery facility for a complete, comfortable experience.

The simple lines, the straight edges – a masterful craft technique – and the black dress make of this box an unique piece, as glamorous as the items exchanged. A press-kit that is a valuable gift, as well as an important information hub.

The essential shape, carved to perfection and covered in Ispira paper by Fedrigoni, reveals itself upon opening, when a four-leafed flower blossoms and the full press-kit is revealed.