Art, Nature and Something Else

Magazine Design for one of the most important plant nurseries in Pistoia, which is an insight into Art, Culture and Elevated Life.

  • Art Direction
  • Editorial Design

The Project

Giorgio Tesi Group is one of the leading nursery companies in Europe. Feeling the need of passing on their heritage of welfare, GTG decided to deliver a free-press magazine about the Pistoia area and all of its blossoming treasures.

The restyle (the magazine has been up and running for some years before Kidstudio was coopted) needed to concentrate on a much lighter version of its layout, to convey the sense of the open air (and open-mindedness) that is the focal point of all its narrative.

Modern typography with a baroque feel has been central in defining the new visuals. Details and a large amount of negative space (reached thanks to a carefully planned stylesheet which allowed to insert the same text in less space) all play towards a nice, breathable read.