Contemporary Muses

Flora and fauna, born from the same land, Italy eternal, under the sky of ancient myths, like weaves that intertwine, warps that draw. Materials that come from the forever: back, in the past of tradition, and ahead, in the future of new technologies.

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Web Design

The Project

Nalya was born in 2007 as a daughter of art of the Leomaster Group , in turn rooted in tradition and in the skills of Capritex, since 1958. After almost fifty years in the production of fine fabrics for menswear, the Leomaster Group gives life to Nalya, e to his eclectic and inspired work, aimed exclusively at woman.

The creed of Nalya, the inspirational goddess of each collection, resides in the attention to detail: what slides on the frame is the result of a research aimed at the microscopic balance between the different materials, colors and plots. The whole process – from the idea to the final solution – develops within the company, with passionate staff who pays off synergistic new technologies with the knowledge of ancient craftsmanship.

With a strong, striking typography and the use of an exotic, powerful copy, we took history and reinvented it. Making it cleanly, passionately and stylishly feminine.