In the hardest year of this century we realized, perhaps and guiltily for the first time, how everyday life, which we believe is guaranteed, is not guaranteed at all. And for many it hasn't been ever and never will be. Kidstudio and Amari, in their own small way, have tried to put their skills on the line to give the world some of the beauty that has been taken away from us.


The Amari panettone is born by putting all the soul and all the tradition into it; fishing with both hands from our most hidden and distant imprinting; putting that indelible part of our childhood, the strongest of all images, in the oven and on paper.


Thus Christmas is reborn, repeating the taste and shapes that are part of our experience. A job done side by side: while one was kneading, the other was drawing. All by hand, all rigorously done with the heart. To feed the world, feed it with love. Merry Christmas!

  • Photos stefanocasati.com
  • Illustrations: Marco Battaglia - Calligraphy: Walter Bolognino