Flowers and Sugar

Cookie packaging design for the Bargilli family, which is the one who invented the Montecatini’s waffles, more than 80 year ago, basing their work on a traditional jew recipe. Since then, Bargilli has been synonymous with quality and taste in the rich tradition of Italian pastry. The Cialde are a unique biscuit that, once tasted, can’t be forgotten.

  • Art Direction
  • Packaging

The Project

The Bargilli company was founded back in 1936 when Orlando, the founder, decided to embrace the profession of pastry chef by taking over the workshop of a family of Bohemian Jews. Thus, from the curious and original reinterpretation of a traditionally Nordic wafer, the current Cialda di Montecatini is born.

The object of the restyle was that of unifying the various graphics used during time into a single, clean identity that would span across several products and packaging solutions. The old flowers circle and the well-known lettering were kept, while removing all the unnecessary swirls and type and creating a new, stronger logo.

The Bargilli packaging spans between paper and tin, through a large sets of sizes and shapes. The overall sensation is, as intended, to be in front of a single identity and a single brand, whose known quality now resonates throughout all the products lineup.