Landini, fabrics for passion. A company in the Prato textile sector with a strong sensitivity to color, color combinations and the touch of fabrics, it has always created products with the highest aesthetic and functional value.


Replacing the salesperson's paraphernalia, often made up of entire suitcases, with something more agile and streamlined, which can be tailor-made for each customer: this is the goal of the new Limited Edition Swatch Boxes. Elegant and minimally invasive packaging... but certainly unforgettable.


Produced entirely in interlocking paper converting, the Swatch Boxes are beautiful, yet sustainable. Due to the use of selected materials such as Fedrigoni's Sirio Black papers, there is no lack of class and the result - also thanks to a typographic game with great communicative value - is a treasure chest for the best selection of fine Landini fabrics.