Joy in Six Colors

Label design. Another all-Italian uniqueness, the Limoncello di Sorrento joins the Amelia line of artisan jams. Five flavors, a charm that goes around the world.

  • Art Direction
  • Packaging

The Project

The new Amelia, Michelin starred restaurant in San Sebastian – Donostia, makes its own treats. Available as the hotel’s breakfast or as take-away purchases, the Limoncello and Italian Marmalades bring joy… in six colors!

Tradition expressed with tradition. Even if the products are modern in ways unimaginable for food, the recipe is always the same. Hence the hand of our designers has built the labels one by one, manually, with the passion of those who, these specialties, have been making for a lifetime.

One line, five flavors and six colors. Labels printed on laid Betulla paper and applied one by one on unusual bottles. Then, there is the limoncello, which is a world in itself and on whose label the fruit of Campania blooms.