Legacy of the Gods

Visual image for the Corsini Municipal Theater of Barberino di Mugello. A great venue for a small place but steeped in culture.

  • Art Direction
  • Branding

The Project

Theater common good as a starting point to create the visual identity of a historical place, made of tradition and led to mutation. In the suburbs, far from the glamor of the big cities, there are unimaginable spaces. We have tried to illuminate one, the Bartolomeo Corsini Theatre.

The idea of Emilia Paternostro and Riccardo Rombi, who have been involved in the development of the theater for decades, both as a school and as a theater company, is that of a place for everyone, but whose roots were well planted in the history of the medium.

We have imagined a new place, with a violent, intolerant, unapologetic face. Not afraid to show itself and say “I exist”. The logo in custom typography and the images – entirely realized through the use of AI – are a testament to this choice.