Life and Expression

Food branding and packaging. The hills of Carmignano preserve a treasure chest of flavors. Pastry, butter, eggs and dried fruit are molded into fragrant biscuits to rediscover the culture of homemade desserts.

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Packaging

The Project

Specificity of aromas and flavors inspires the Biscottificio Sorelle Amari. A constantly evolving craft workshop that produces exclusively by hand, recovering traditional Tuscan recipes with great creativity.

An heraldry that smells of Sicilian lemon mixed with the soft curves of the Tuscan hills is the creative approach from which the brand is born: a mirror image, with two mermaids inscribed in a circle, pure and essential.

Metal foils, polishing and the essence of a rich cotton paper are the ingredients of the brand identity and packaging. Elegant packages that leave room for the richness of freshly baked cookies.