Men of Steel

History has been marked, over time, by metal. Iron, bronze and, when we thought it was over, steel. But it wasn’t over at all. Whether it anchors us to the Earth or launches us into space, metal will always be man’s best companion.

  • Branding

The Project

With 40 years experience in the special alloys area, RSAlloys sets itself as a standard in the industry. Born and raised in the outskirts of Florence, Italy, it keeps the iconic easter lily as a branding stamp.

But the lily had to be reinterpreted. Because the image of the whole company had to be reinterpreted. And so, from a new, sinuous symbol, a strong coordinated image is born, corporate-oriented and international.

Branding must think about its applications, rather than just identity. This is why here we worked on full shapes – which tell the essence of metal – but also smooth like the RSAlloys processes. Shapes that have to live on walls and signs but also laser-etched on the hardest of materials.