Mystic Torquemada

Witches and demons, unacceptable, irreverent, ancient. Like the tradition of wine. Which here takes shape in many-toothed forms.

  • Label Design

The Project

The Spanish producer Les Trois Courtiers launches two families of wines, coming from the most important appellations of the Iberian Peninsula. In the traditional Latin taste, the sought image is strong and draws from local folklore.

The monsters that come to life on the labels are designed by the expert hand of our best illustrators, who have been able not only to capture the spirit of the place but also to find a unique, refined and, in its own way, fun language.

The witch Guaxa, with rabbit teeth; the goat-headed serpent Segono. Ennobled in features and materials: on Fedrigoni Tintoretto paper and engraved in gold with Braille reliefs.