One Small Step for Man…

The point is not how old a company is, but how young it can stay. Technology proceeds, and Riccoplast follows it. Sometimes, putting a step forward first.

  • Branding
  • Packaging

The Project

The internal CAD/CAM laboratory was born in the early 2000s, a turning point that changed the history of the company. The models, samples, molds are designed and manufactured internally, before mass production. But, in hindsight, Riccoplast has always been like this. Since, immediately after its birth, it has been able to launch itself with national success on the most modern technologies. One step at a time, but always one step ahead.

The turning point also in the way of communicating. For this Riccoplast relies on Kidstudio, which knows how to read the tradition of a brand – its connection with the elegant world of high fashion – and see the future inside. Essential but brilliant lines, technology inside the style, the spirit inside the machine.

The restyling is complete: from the logotype, which is now refined and well dressed, to the balanced corporate, up to the totally custom website. Thin lines, strong typography, explicit and fashion photography at the same time.