Goodbye, Ithaca

Is a yarn forever? Maybe not. Maybe: better not. And so Penelope, this time, had to abandon the weaving loom (metaphorically) and reinvent the wheel (metaphorically).

  • Web Design

The Project

Not twenty years away, but only two of lockdown have forced us to change something in our lifestyle. Professionally, new ways had to be invented.

This is how MisterJoe (and its sibling AZeta Filati) had to rethink the commercial sector, leaving the paradigm of the salesman at any cost. But how do you show yarns to someone on the other side of the world?

Thus was born a showcase site for those who, until yesterday, could not even think about it. A totally custom backend allows the back-office to easily load yarn catalogs with all their selectable and implementable attributes. The entirety of it, displayed through a modular grid, is easily filterable and navigable, thanks to the UX designed to accompany the user inside a real showroom, with the possibility of requesting quotes and storing favorite yarns. All in real time.