The Invincible Soul

Siderurgica Fiorentina is a steel producer with a quarter of a billion in turnover, which in sixty years has been able to dominate the reference market to the point of becoming one of the greatest Italian interpreters. On the occasion of the celebrations for this anniversary, it has decided to change its face, agreeing with the internationality that belongs to it.

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Web Design

The Project

There are goals that are crossed by looking back, searching in history for the path, the work, the name of the fathers. Others instead look forward.

Siderurgica Fiorentina, on the occasion of its 60 years of activity, offered us the opportunity to look back at that path and establish a new one, which is aimed at the future.
But, as with every scientific story, it needs to be anchored in the path taken so far, to listen to its voice and know how to make it speak again and again and again.

Thus was born a refined restyling project, which presents itself as strong, dynamic, penetrating without losing sight of that dream, made one day by the founder, which was its foundation and is today its invincible soul.