For Dwarfs and Dancers

Laurie: «
I'm sorry Dan, I invite you out for a few laughs... but there don't seem to be many laughs around these days.» Dan: «
I can't fathom why. After all, the Comedian is NOT dead.»

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The Project

The Puccini Theater in Florence has been the home of satire and contamination of genres for over a quarter of a century. With the nose forward, inspired, always looking for something new. And since that first day of collaboration, in 1997, Kidstudio has also been inspired along the same steps.

In 2022 things have not changed (or, at least, not in the head) and this is how the Theater takes back a part of the future, with a technically advanced site and with the usual face in red and black.

A modular layout allows an easy navigation between shows, via a custom engine. The UI and the interactions have been studied with an editorial approach: the whole website is a magazine with an indie feeling. The tailor-made backend allows the back-office to easily integrate content, while maintaining the solidity of the corporate identity, extended throughout the site.