The Italian Job

A movie shot in 70mm, with the right grain, and the right Seventies flavor. An Alfetta, an iconic femme-fatale. And, of course, the pizza. In the warming heart of Geneve (CH).

  • Web Design

The Project

The most difficult thing, abroad, is to replicate the true taste of Italian tradition. It’s easy to say spaghetti. And it is easier still to say pizza. But that taste, that sense of self, only a true Italian has it.

The graphic concept starts from the “tradition” of comedy and macaronic noir, with their icons (sometimes French, it must be said) and their low saturation shootings. The city, the suburbs, tomato and mozzarella. The real ones.

The browsing experience is enriched by interactions activated by the user, who becomes the protagonist of the “poliziottesco” on which the entire corporate identity of the restaurant is based.
Tip: by moving your fingers on the trackpad you can get a wink from Fenech.