Home is Where the Heart is

Style is a matter of courage, charisma and confidence, especially in restaurant graphics. At La Bottega (Geneva, CH), every dish is an experience and every moment should be savoured, for the ultimate experience in food design. An environment that perfectly brings the heritage of a culinary tradition that is centuries old and it’s not growing old.

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Web Design

The Project

A Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva – Switzerland by Chef Francesco Gasbarro, where the true Italian tradition reaches new levels in creativity and taste without loosing its heritage. An informal place where nothing is left to chance, for a unique experience worth living more that once in a lifetime.

Being Italian in a place crowded with spaghetti-moustached chefs painted on the windows is just a matter of style. Nothing is cried aloud – because of the luxury experience it involves – but it is instead stated by nuances and whispers in a clean, minimal design.

A mix of original pencil illustrations and custom typography stars on carefully selected papers and colours, all working together to convey an experience in par with the one offered by a night at La Bottega, tasting its precious food.