A Beast of a Beer

The design of a beer label has taken on a new life. The craft product par excellence, it has now become another of the countless jewels of Italian style. Made by a countryside, exquisite Master Brewer in Tuscany, the beer from Le Selezioni de La Bottega can now be found and tasted at the renowned restaurants, in exclusive.

  • Label Design
  • Packaging

The Project

Le Selezioni de La Bottega are part of La Bottega project, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva – Switzerland. Personally selected by Chef Gasbarro and his Sommeliers, this beer is both traditional and a novelty to be reckoned with.

The idea is that of packing the beer as if it was a valuable wine, with a label that was unique and expressed luxury as the whole brand La Bottega Geneva. This time, with a guest: the Chimera of Arezzo, one of the great masterpieces of pre-Roman Tuscany.

The ancient beast surveys and represents the eternal grace of our land. And gives birth to a brand new line of products, among which shines the extravirgin oil of Le Selezioni. The packaging retains the values of class and hand-craft which came to express the starred restaurant.